Former PhD Student Joins Tech Startup in Silicon Valley


Gustavo Tapia graduated from the Ph.D. program in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University in 2018. His research work included uncertainty quantification and statistical modeling for additive manufacturing processes and multi-scale materials models, as well as machine learning and data mining for construction of surrogate and predictive models. He works now as Data Scientist at Velo3D, Inc., a Silicon Valley tech start-up producing Additive Manufacturing Laser-Powder Bed Systems.

Founded in 2014, Velo3D employs over 100 engineers with a unique combination of disciplines: Process Development, Materials Science, Experimentation & Simulation, Control, Computational Geometry, Capital Equipment Design and Integration. At its headquarters in Campbell, CA, there is a fleet of additive manufacturing systems, with the objective to optimize processes addressing critical customer challenges. As a result, Velo3D designed and successfully printed dozens of parts previously considered impossible to make, unlocking new critical applications for our customers. The parts are ready for volume manufacturing.